How Search Engines Work: A Brief Guide for Small Business Owners in Houston
Posted by seocompanypage, 10/05/2017 1:23 pm

The average small business owner in the Houston area today has many things to think about and many responsibilities to live up to. Making the most of every bit of effort and attention must therefore always be regarded as a priority.

Unfortunately, that can leave some small business owners feeling like they can never learn as much as might be necessary about certain important topics. Many recognize the importance and value of a digital marketing strategy known as search engine optimization (SEO), for instance, but remain fairly fuzzy on the details. Fortunately, the basic details of this technique are quite simple to understand.

Tackling the Monumental Task of Indexing and Analyzing the Web

In the early days of the public Internet, most users relied on handcrafted portals to suggest World Wide Web destinations that might be worth checking out. That might have made sense when there were only a few thousand different sites online and available, but that approach to providing direction and guidance clearly could not scale much larger.

As a result, automated means of making sense of the web started to become much more common. Those early search engines, however, tended to deliver fairly unsatisfying and even inappropriate results, as episodes from the fourth season of the popular television show Halt and Catch Fire have depicted.

Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page came up with a better solution while pursuing advanced degrees in Computer Science at Stanford University. Their most important insight was that the number of links between web pages could be used as a rough measure of how valuable and useful each was. Since then, this powerful but fairly primitive take on how to decide which pages to suggest in response to search queries has been augmented and improved in many significant ways.

What This Means for Businesses

The most important implication of this state of affairs is that businesses do not have to settle for whichever search engine rankings their sites end up with by default. The algorithms that search engine providers like Google use might be somewhat opaque and obscure, but their basic outlines can be understood.

SEO is the practice of using any related insights to help improve the rankings for a given site, particularly with regard to queries that are most likely to translate into more sales and business. Working with a Houston SEO who is able to produce results can be one of the best investments a business might make. While each SEO Company will have its own particular approach to the discipline, all stem from an understanding of this basic situation.

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